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Pet Photography

Since March 2020 when the pandemic started people have invested a lot more in pets than ever before(According to LA Business Journal) by that I mean there have been more rescues from shelters, more concern about the health of pets and overall more time spent with pets. Pet owners are more invested in pets now, in fact overall pet sales have reached over $100 Billion in USA for the first time, anyway lets cut this boring data out…this is page is about Capturing your pet Portraits.

Hi, my name is Keshav (Or you can also call me Kash) and you landed on this page because either you love pets or out of your curiosity for animals. 

Me and Kookie

And if you are a pet owner or parent, I am here to help you in some way. Having a pet is like raising a kid who never grows, it’s a big commitment. They offer pure love, totally unconditional, all we gotta do is feed them, take them out for business and some play time. Remember the days you get back home all tired, at times frustrated over something, or angry over someone/something, then the moment you walk in home and get greeted by your pet, with that smile, joy and that energy, just like that all is forgotten and your mood is elated again. Yepp, that can’t be replaced by anyone. Personally, I treat my dog like I won’t regret a single moment when they are gone, love abundantly every single day like it’s valentine’s day. After all, pets don’t live a long life like us Humans, but they leave a larger impact on our lives and deserve more than just digital memories captured by our phones.

Home is like a museum, where walls have memories from your life and not someone else’s life. I have helped clients create those memories by capturing those moments of their pets or with pets. For all those who have shared any kind of happy and/or sad emotion with a pet, you know these small creatures have played the most important part in your lives. They deserve to be on at least one of the walls of your home in a poster size, just like any other poster you have or ever had of some entertainer, movie star, musician or who ever. I am not an artist who creates what I want to, I consider myself a creative professional, a photographer who helps my clients, what they desire. That one particular trait, feature of their pet that’s so unique (dogs or cats or any other pet you love)

Below are some questions and concerns usually from my clients about what I offer! 

No matter what age your pet is, it’s never too late or too soon to create a memory. I help people create those special portraits that bring joy to your present and future life. Let’s be honest, we all have smart phones with terrific cameras these days, you don’t need anyone’s help if you are creating digital memories for your 1.5 square inch phone screen. You can take so many pictures, just keep clicking and a few will turn out great, maybe use a filter or preset, it’s all practice. Why should you pay someone else to take those kinds of pictures, right?

Well here is how I might be able to help

  • Controlling light is not for everyone, 
  • Background or composition is not idle for a portrait in home settings (generally speaking) but can be created with right tools.
  • Smartphones won’t let you control what you want to capture, they are equipped with point and shoot type of cameras.
  • Editing is another skill, that requires learning
  • Life size prints are not for any photographers, even with big cameras.
  • Not everyone is comfortable with animals (or not all animals are comfortable with strangers) This is the most important concern when working with pets, in my opinion.

Well I got you covered in all of these situations mentioned above. There is a specialist for each kind of trade and I feel lucky to combine my education(Veterinarian from India), hobby(photography) and passion into pets.

We all are visual people, if we see something more often or everyday, that memory gets stamped in our brain and that’s why I offer a 36X24 size print included with any photo session of your pet(s). Frame it or stick it anywhere in your home. Immortalize the memories! 

Things are finally getting back to normal after the pandemic and there is no denying the fact that your pet was the biggest support system during this last year. And if you think he/she deserves a special portrait in your home, I’ll get immense pleasure in helping you capture your pet.

Below are various styles/examples, maybe you pick a style you like for your pet(s). Or if you have some concept on your mind or a sketch/idea that you like, I’ll be happy to make it happen for you. There can be so many scenarios to capture pets, like while they are smiling or looking at a treat, a specific and unique look of your pet, sitting on a couch-chair-stool, standing-sitting-down, full body-half body-just face. They need a comfortable environment, sometimes it takes a lot of time and patience. Every living being is unique and that’s why part of my job is to create customized solutions, tailored for every personality. 

Email me on the form after you scroll down all the way to the bottom of this page, if you want a free consultation or have some question or just text/call me at 323-319-5085