Summer HEADSHOT deal for 2022

We live in an age where we all need a headshot for our online presence, its not same as it was 10 or 15 or 20 years back! Some of us lead a private life and stay away from having an online presence, but there is always 1 place where you can use a headshot, its kinda become a necessity. And that’s where I can help you without breaking your bank or taking too much time from your life, making it easy and quick to get same quality headshot as you see of certain actors or models in a magazine or billboard etc.

Here are a few examples of headshots of people who were exactly in your situation or something similar, they waited too long to get help from a professional and when they finally did, they were glad they made the right decision. It can cost you less than hour to get these same kind of quality headshots!

We all prefer quality in life or you rather just live whatever kind of life! In this day and age where everything is digital, your headshot represents your online personality. We all need just one perfect headshot that truly represents and identifies us, WHY COMPROMISE ON THAT 1 HEADSHOT. Now, some people are photogenic and know how to pose in front of a camera and effortlessly get good pictures. Some people get nervous and trust me it shows in the photo too. Unlike models and actors, normal people like us don’t know how to pose in front of a camera especially with lights and a stranger holding a camera. I can understand, it’s very uncomfortable.

Here is a fun fact, it’s your photographer’s responsibility to make you feel comfortable and get that confident look from you and capture you in that moment. A photographer who shoots all styles and genre of photography and don’t specialize in coaching people about subtle techniques to pose won’t be able to get that awesome headshot.

Why is it important to have a confident HEADSHOT? Usually people tend to gravitate towards other people who are more confident, do you want to take your online presence lightly or get serious about it!?

Here are a few more examples. Now, you might be wondering why 2 sets of headshots? All the headshots below are mediocre to really bad. These are from times when I started as a photographer, clueless about how to capture headshots. Over the period of 10 years and a lot of experience, I have realized why it’s important and my job as a headshot photographer to pay attention to so many details to help people get that top notch HEADSHOT.

I’d like to be critical of my own pictures because, thats how I improve and learn. The problems with these last set of headshots is bad lighting, dead boring expressions, eyes too wide open (like the person is scared), black and white pictures don’t do justice because hiding details of eye color and skin tone is not fair(we all see color), bad color correction, pictures taken outdoors in back alley or a park or a backyard even on a beach, resulting in too many distractions, wind/sun causing extra stress, me not helping clients to pose…. I can go on and on with so many variables that result in a bad HEADSHOT. But, thats how I figured what it takes to capture a great headshot and help my clients getting true value for their time and money.

What I want to emphasize is please don’t rely on just anyone with a camera to take your headshots. You dont buy your stuff from unreliable sources, you prefer quality, don’t you? I see people asking photographers online on various social media to help each other like a trade, photographer learning to take photos with free photos in return, you end up with decent to bad pictures, sure! It’s almost like, Would you test a drug that’s under a trial and not approved by FDA? Not sure about ugly side effects or bad consequences of that drug!?

A headshot is basically the best version of you captured with best suited lighting tailored just for you, based on shape of your face and lines that define you.

I am offering mini-Headshot sessions as Summer deal of 2019 to help people if you need just 1-3 headshots (updating existing portfolio or Corporate headshots)

Quick sessions at discounted price only for limited time.

Don’t miss this chance. If you think that I can help you and we can work together, fill in the form below with your name, email( and phone #(323-319-5085), so we can make an appointment and get started. I take pictures while my camera is connected to a laptop, so you can see the results as we shoot pictures, who knows may be you might end up getting more pictures than you expected. Either way, please fill in the form below if you are interested in me helping you.