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Did you know that Social media cycle is 24hrs for a photo and then cycle continues for another picture, basically all these apps have a smart algorithm that allows us to see a picture for about 24 hours if the post is not active with comments and likes. So, we share a photo and our friends/family and audience see it and then it gets buried under the pile with other pictures, till we wanna see it next time if we desire to with other pictures we share in our album. Most of us don’t usually see those pictures. When did you go back and reloaded the memories? I have had clients who regret moments or phases of life they captured on their phone, but to look deeper, they had to zoom in, it wasn’t clear enough or not enough pixels. Some hired a photographer who was not experienced enough and you ended up with 1000s of photos.

On the other hand life size PRINTS bring inspiration, more satisfying experience and true value to life for yourself, your family and future generations. There is something about a perfectly captured portrait on the wall of your home that refreshes the memories or remind you of your loved ones. You see it everyday walking around the house, depending on where you hang it. 

When you compare small pictures on smartphones(1-2 Square inches) and computers with life size portraits(usually 320 Square inches and above), later is more tangible. Its Quality VS Quantity equation! The whole point of taking a photo is to share the memory for our future self or generations, but some memories are worth more than a Square inch of space, So take a trillion photos forget billions of them, but print one and do it right. Mount it, frame it, display it. Take pride in it. Heck, print two.

There is a reason why museums are in place, so we can go and have a better insight of past. What if your home is a mini museum of your memories preserved for future generations to see.

One of the reason why I started helping clients with large prints comes from my own experience from couple of years ago, when my grandmother was in her last days and still looked healthy and beautiful. Just like that, casually I managed to grab a candid portraiture of her while she was sitting and we were chatting about stories of when I was young. Little did we know, that she would pass away peacefully just after 20 days of that day I captured her. At that time I had no lighting equipment or fast lens or a tripod, I wish I had all the gear that helps make a great portrait. Nevertheless I printed that and all my family has that print in their homes. They all are glad and thank me for bringing an emotional connection and that unique happiness when we see that picture glancing at us from the wall.

Believe it or not, no one wants to come back home after working all day and stare at a computer screen (even if your wallpaper is set as your favorite person) or scroll back to photos on your Facebook or Instagram (Or any other Social Media) from even day before or a year before, we check out latest feed and are done after a few minutes. Then there is weekend when you want to spend time with family relaxing or have planned an event/function to attend or what ever people do on weekends. Life is best when you build bridges not walls, But a print(s) on wall(s) can bridge the gap to happiness effortlessly, because you can’t put a value on that kind of experience thats tangible. Grand parents who are not so technology friendly will cherish that moment sticking on the wall.

Its great to look at all these pictures we take everyday on our smartphone and document them on various social media but at the same time its amazing how while how the same picture in a larger dimension can be close to a feeling like you lived in that TIME.

Its like watching a boxing match between Ali and Foreman on the bigger screen of your television vs on your smartphone!

And I make sure that client satisfaction run for generations, because I print them on Metal, because paper and canvas will eventually fall apart.