Keshav Dahiya Headshot Portrait photographer of, LLC

Keshav Dahiya is Portrait photographer of DAHIYA.US, LLC

My name is Keshav Dahiya. I am based in South California, but I also travel based on where I can help my clients.

I specialize in Portraits and Headshots, Pet Portraits  

I also work for Commercial clients depending on industry (Fashion/Glamour, Underwater PhotographyAction/Sports Photography)

My job is to help my client by paying close attention to their expectations, starts with chatting, brainstorming before photo-session and ultimately helping them achieve the desired goals they dream off. There are no rules for a particular style of photography, what matters most is how I am able to capture the moment in a specific lighting situation (artificial or natural light).

If you or someone you know who wants to create long lasting memories or for any other question(s), please email me using the form below.


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