Hello, my name is Keshav Dahiya, but you can call me Kash or Kesh. I am based in Downtown Los Angeles, California 90014. But, I also travel to help my clients.

I specialize in Headshots, PortraitsPet Portraits (Clickable links to check my photos in each category)

I also work for Commercial clients depending on industry Fashion/Glamour PhotographyAction/Sports Photography

Now, I don’t like to talk much about myself. But, in order to earn your trust to be able to work with you, this is the only page where I am going to talk about “ME” (briefly) So here we go……

In 2008, I bought a DSLR camera at the year-end Black Friday sales to brush off my photography skills. I would usually go take goofy pictures of dogs at beach or dog park, because I can comfortably handle/deal with animals. Other times I would go capture some action shots of people running on trails or surfing or skateboarding, usual South California outdoor activities. The idea of capturing a fast moving object/individual fascinates me quite a bit. In no time, I was getting paid for photography, then just being a hobby photographer. Soon I realized how photography is more about controlling and shaping light and capturing that beautiful moment with whatever camera is available (As said by world famous and inspiring Chase Jarvis) Little did I know that my focus will shift to capturing faces. Here’s when it gets interesting, NO ONE IS COMFORTABLE IN FRONT OF A STRANGER WITH A CAMERA AND STROBES LIGHTING ON YOUR FACE. We all tense up and try to smile to look good in front of camera, but it’s never a genuine smile. Some people even use the words like cheese etc. Believe me, you can make out a difference between genuine and fake smile on a captured image. It is very very important to bring out true happiness and emotion while photographing people. With experience and learning from well established (and Awesome) Peter Hurley I honed my skills to leverage the quality of headshots and portraits that I started to capture.

There is a reason why I am going in these absurd details, I want to educate or lets say give little details how its not so simple to capture dreams into images, the reason I have earned trust of my clients all these years, keep reading…

First few minutes is warmup for me and client, we engage in a conversation and get comfortable and since I connect my camera to a computer/laptop while photographing, clients can see images as they are being captured (Thanks to Tether Tools) which boosts client’s confidence leading to even better shots. All this is accompanied by me guiding my client on posing techniques, subtle head movements, chin and head angles, the extent of how we open our eyes and mouth, exuding a confident captured image(s). I am glad and feel lucky, that I was naturally gifted to initiate an interesting conversation with a stranger and make them feel comfortable in a few minutes. My goal has always been to make people happy by capturing their raw emotions into a photograph as a precious memory. Like it’s been said, “An Image is worth thousand words” and that IMAGE I capture ends up telling a story worth those words. Client satisfaction is utmost critical to me and so I consider communicating before the photo session, listen to people’s aspirations, dreams and expectations, some brainstorming with my experience and ideas, ultimately helping them achieve the desired goals, bridge their gap of dreams to reality!

No two people are same and so its very important to adapt and use a different lighting setup (Artificial or Natural light) based on what style we decided to capture. Pushing my limits, learning, evolving, getting inspired by photographers like Lindsay Adler, Joel Grimes, Scott Kelby, Annie Leibovitz and many more.

The reasons I dig deeper into how I work and some technical details is to state that it’s not just about clicking the camera trigger and voila, there’s a preparation process, actual photo session and post-session process of editing and printing, delivering. I am very meticulous about the process of photographing and hence I take it seriously because that photograph will be cherished by generations to come. The value of that printed masterpiece in your home is not just the time it’ll take to capture you, its more than what you want it to be. It can’t be compared with electronics, furniture, cars, clothes etc. Everyone needs a masterpiece in their lives and I am honored when people choose me to assist them in that process. And along the same lines, I help my commercial clients, big or small businesses. The essence of that captured Image(s) emanates the idea/concept/story of the product being photographed.

OK so after reading all this, if you question that I am the guy who can help you.

YOU BET, you made the right decision! Because I genuinely love helping people in life and make them feel great. And this page is relevant to how as a photographer I aspire to change your life to a happier medium for yourself AND/OR your family by bringing in true value.

If you or someone you know who wants to create long lasting memories or for any other question(s), please email me using the form below.